Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Maths: Elective Maths

This week for maths, our activity was about solving problems. This weeks problem was about elecives. It was about finding the amount of people in each elective group. There were 6 to find, but we also needed to figure out how many people had left the school to go to an inter school sports competition. So we needed to change the amount of kids who are left at school to get the correct answers. We then needed to make a DLO showing how we got our answers, and showing our answers. This activity could either be done individually, or with a partner or group. This time, I worked with Carl, and it was a really challenging activity, but on the other hand, really fun to work out. It took Carl and I roughly half an hour to get our answer, and once checked, we found that we got all of our answers and working out correct. All of our working out can be found in the DLO, including the problem as well.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Care Awards: Silver Respect | Getting My Badge

Today at assembly, I got my silver respect badge. To get this badge, I needed to do 5 different activities, and have them checked by a student leader, a teacher, and finally Mr Johnston. Once checked off by a teacher and leader, I needed to book an appointment with Mr Johnston, and explain all of what I did to him. I then needed to wait until assembly, to get my badge, and have my photo taken.

Tech: Pewter Casting | First Session

Today, we had our first session of tech. For tech this term as year 7's, our focus was on Pewter Casting. Pewter, is a type of metal, that can bend easily when thin. It can be melted into a liquid form in about only 1 minute, and dries in about 5. What we did for this tech session, was to think of designs to make a cast out of, and give to someone we respected. We were also given a demonstration by our tech teacher, Mr Grunden. Mr Grunden is a cool teacher, he informs us about what to do, and adds in quite a few jokes when doing so. I really liked this first session, although we didn't do much, it was still fun and exciting to see the pewter casting method in action.

Summer Learning Journey: Prize Annunciation

Today in assembly, Rachel and a friend from the NEXT Foundation, presented the Summer Learning Journey awards, and certificates. This Summer Learning Journey had a lot of participants, and award
recipients, and it also had a lot of challenges and comments. Because of the amount people entering the competition, there were a lot of winners. This time, there were 4 winners! The winners this time were Alex and Mele, both in first, Ofa in second, and Marieta in third. As well as that, there were also spot prizes to top it. So there were over 50 participants, 4 winners, and 3 spot prizes! We all want to thank Rachel, and the rest of the Summer Learning Journey team, and also the NEXT Foundation, for providing us with cool NEXT Foundation T-shirts, for the winners to wear.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Maths: 2014 Auckland Marathon Math

This week for maths, we had to complete 2 hard and easy math problems. These 2 problems were about the 2014 Auckland Marathon, and our goal, was to find the time differences between the winner, and the average runner. The first problem, wasn't too challenging. Although the second problem had some problems. Firstly, the seconds were different from each other, so our math concluded of borrowing, and negative numbers. The way we solved the math is in a DLO, so it isn't necessary to explain what we did to figure it out. For this activity, I worked with Alex, and Julian, and got our worked checked by Ms Kirkpatrick.

Reading: Making A Summary On The Pathway

This week for reading, our must do was to read, and make a summary of the book, The Pathway. This book was about the inequality of Maori people, compared to the British. It talks about how no law was set in place, and the unfairness of currency trade of the Maori's land. We needed to read this story with a group, and write down a list of vocabulary words that we found crucially important. We then needed to choose 6 of those words, which could sum up the story with a couple of sentences. We then needed to as a group, write a summary of the story, with those 6 words, and make a DLO out of it. For the DLO, I worked on it with Sanujan. We both loved the concept of this activity, and enjoyed creating our own Maori Cheif, and a can of nails.

Kiwi Can: Our First Session

Today, we had our first Kiwi Can session. This term, our focus on Kiwi Can is encouragement. Specifically, encouraging our peers. Our teachers this term, are Lilly, and Matt, two great Kiwi Can leaders. Because this was the first Kiwi Can of the year, of course we needed to introduce ourselves. So individually, one by one, we announced our name, and a hobby that we enjoy out of school. Once that was out of the way, we got into our energiser. What we had done for this, was a game called, "Change Places If..." The rules are simple, everyone stands in a circle, with one person in the middle, and that person will then say the name of the game, followed by an action. For example, "Change places if you brushed your teeth today!" Once said, everyone who had done that, would move to a new position. If you are the last one to move, you go to the middle of the circle. Then it's your turn to say the name of the game. We then talked a little bit about encouragement, and explained how to play the next game. This game was called 10 Second Tag. For this, get into 2 teams, and put bibs on to show what team you're in. One team has a ball, and then other team has to run. If you have a ball in your hand, you can move your feet. The only thing you can do, is pass the ball, and tag the other team with the ball. If you are tagged, you are out. The game goes on for ten slow seconds, and by the end, you count how many people were tagged. Then switch over, and play again. Whatever team has the most eliminations, wins. I really liked this weeks Kiwi Can session, we learnt a lot about encouragement, but had a lot of fun at the same time. Hopefully next week is even better.